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We believe that people are the greatest asset of any organisation, and as such to keep the organisation as a going concern there has to be a deliberate strategy and approach  in selecting the right team and building the culture in which this team will operate,

Klink Consult is positioned to help you build your greatest asset while you can focus on other core business areas.

We strongly believe that the goal of any organisation is to find the right skills set and build a culture that will keep them inspired, happy and productive.

The difficulty in finding these sets of talents and keeping them requires a high level of people mastery.  Our team of Human resource experts with knowledge across, employee motivation, Recruitment, Capacity building, Organisational Structure and personnel planning have designed our HR services to be the one stop shop for entrepreneurs.

Our employment screening helps to reduce the risk of employing individuals with an undesirable background while improving the efficiency of your recruitment and selection process. We recruit for various positions and we have an already existing database of qualified personnel.

We unleash the full potential of the talent present in your organization and ensure the right new talent are found in your organization. Through our effective talent development programmes we ensure you develop existing talent. We offer customized learning solutions to boost team performance and productivity. We leverage on the latest technologies to drive optimum training effectiveness.

Our payroll administration is anchored on delivering excellence. We tailor our service to meet your specific needs and guarantee time and cost effectiveness.  We understand the importance of high level payroll accuracy in sustaining business profitability and employee morale.

We ensure a proper structure to eliminate potential harm and ensure realization of your business goals and objectives. We help you fine tune organizational process to lubricate the achievement of your business objectives.

We have found out that people do not leave organisations, they leave people. Our profiling analysis help ensures that each team is composed of the right personality type.